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About Myfreelys

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We exist, as a company, to empower people everywhere to enjoy better lifestyles with more choices, great products and super low prices.

MyFreelys was created with you in mind. Being consumers first ourselves, we know you’re always on the lookout for a better deal for every Ringgit you spend, especially with fast rising prices these days and this has inspired us to come up with the MyFreelys shopping and loyalty platform where we’ll literally pay you to shop each month.

Why spend to “earn” rewards (that’s so old school!) when there’s a better and easier way with MyFreelys - Get more, pay less and live better.

Why Choose Us?

We work with many diverse merchants across the country to bring you the widest range of products and services, including essentials such as groceries, petrol, and bill payments.
Use the Freelys we give you each month to redeem whatever you want from merchants. The more Freelys you use, the less you pay.
Our innovative reward mechanism allows you to get rewarded based on loyalty and consistency instead of proportionate amount spent – No more having to “earn” your rewards anymore!
Search for virtually any product or service from our extensive A to Z list of merchants nationwide. If we don’t have what you’re looking for yet, tell us and we’ll get it  featured just for you!
Shop online from the comfort of your home or at the merchant outlet itself.

What We Do

Technology Driven, Consumer Focused

Our story began with you in mind. Advancement in technology over the past decade has tremendously changed the way we live, communicate and even shop and this, unfortunately, has resulted in an avalanche of information on a daily basis. It has become very challenging to filter out what’s relevant according to our individual needs. Using proprietary technologies and systems, our goal is to make it easier and cheaper for you – the consumer – to find and shop for just about anything by combining our search function with our unique loyalty platform.

Online To In-Store Shopping

MyFreelys brings together a diversity of merchants nationwide offering a wide range of products and services on the same platform for the convenience and benefit of consumers. Now you can search from the hundreds of products listed for whatever catches your fancy from the comfort of your home, shop online and have your purchase delivered to you. Or you can visit the merchant’s outlet itself to test, touch or feel the product before purchasing.